• Each and every home is unique
  • Each and every homeowner is unique
  • Each and every claim is unique

This is why you should always have a trained claims specialist from Premier who is experienced and knowledgeable in the claim process come help you for free today. 

  • Not all damages require a claim

Premier will send our trained experts to your home, on your time.  We will inspect the entire exterior of your home and make you aware of all damages, if any.  We will inspect for old age, weathering, storm damage, and all general concerns with your roof, siding, windows, gutters and more!

  • We make tailored videos of all aspects of your home just for you

We know that you may not be able to get on your roof.  This is why every one of our experts will make a nice video presentation for you of your home just as if you were there!  We will point out any storm damage or regular wear and tear and give you a solution to each one of your problems.


No problem.  You can relax and breathe easy knowing that Premier is just a phone call away.  We will be able to perform a free inspection of your entire home and make you aware of the extent of any and all damages.  We will be able to determine whether a claim is necessary, or if we can provide you with another solution to your problems. 

  • If a claim is necessary, we will walk you through the claims process step-by-step and take away all the worries that come with dealing with your insurance company and bank



Premier Remodeling

Remodeling Made easy

Our promise to you

As the homeowner, your happiness is our top priority.  This is why whether we are replacing your roof, siding, windows, or gutters for wear and tear or for storm damages, we will protect your home and treat it as though it was our own.

  • Guaranteed 10 year labor warranty
    • Most contractors in the industry have a standard 6 month to 1 year warranty.  Premier goes above and beyond to ensure the security of your home.
  • We will be there for you when others won't.
  • Our shingles are backed with the industry's highest lifetime warrantied asphalt shingles.
  • We will give you multiple options to best suit your needs.
  • Each home will be evaluated free of charge to ensure proper ventilation. We will make the required changes for you to cut costs on your energy bill.
  • We have emergency services.  If you have a branch fall through your roof or wind tear your shingles off, call the experts at Premier, and we will respond quickly to address your needs and tarp your home so that it is not damaged further.
Our partners

Premier Remodeling will be able to answer all of your home exterior needs;  however, we realize this is just part of your home.  This is why we are a sub-division of our parent company DeLawder Contractors and Associates LLC.  DeLawder Contractors have been serving the greater Maryland area for over 20 years.  We offer much more than just home exterior remodeling.  In fact we can help with your entire homeowner's experience.  We can walk you through from the purchase of your home, your remodel, to your final sales when you choose to move on to a bigger, better home.  We can even help you rent your home with our property management service branch if you don't want to sell the beautiful home that Premier remodeled.  Choose DeLawder Contractor and Associates and Premier Remodeling for all of your homeowner needs.

our products offered to you


When a roof can account for as much as 40% of the average home's exterior, many factors weigh in to the choice of materials.  Some surfaces are more beautiful than others.  Some offer greater resilience or endurance.  Some are more affordable.  But the one roofing surface which offers all those attributes in balance with each other, is the asphalt shingle.

Now accounting for about 80% of the residential roof surfacing in the United States, asphalt shingles are measured against a variety of standards that evaluate fire and wind resistance, tear strength, and other key performance indicators.  Premier will be able to meet and explain each one of these differences to you, the homeowner, so that you will always get the very best product with the highest manufactured warranty in the industry.


A great way to explore your siding options is a free in-home siding consultation with one of our experts.  Here are the items we will discuss:

  • Your siding needs and preferences
  • We will explain the benefits of fiber cement and vinyl siding
  • We will give you samples of siding materials, styles, and colors
  • Accessories including shutters, gable vents, trim, and gutters and downspouts
  • Siding to fit your budget

Before your appointment, you should think about siding colors and styles, your budget, and the condition of your gutters.  If possible, include household members who will help make the siding decision.

windows and doors 

Premier Remodeling offers top quality windows and doors from America's leading brands.  Whether you choose vinyl, wood, or storm protection styles, our installations come with these protections:

  • Up to lifetime craftsmanship warranty for as long as you own your home
  • Up to lifetime product warranties on frames, parts, and hardware transferable to the next homeowner.
  • Up to lifetime accidental glass breakage warranty, including sash replacement at no charge.

We know you have a choice for your home improvement project.  With Premier Remodeling you will be leaving nothing to chance.

gutters and downspouts

Downspouts are critical in dispersing water away from your home.  If the downspouts and gutters are not installed correctly, you may have water drainage into your foundation or basement.  This can cause you, the homeowner, great expense to fix.  Premier Remodeling will send a qualified installer to your home to explain the process and give you a free price quote on the spot.  Don't leave your gutters and downspouts to chance.  Call a professional! Contact Premier Remodeling today!


Metals cover, or should cover, most if not all of the exposed wood on your home.  Metal capping for rake and fascia boards is always recommended to protect the structure of your home.  You can also cap doors and window frames to make them stand the test of time.  Call today so that the experts at Premier can show you how to save money in the future by protecting your home today!

all your exterior home remodeling needs met at one local business.  Call today for your free inspection!